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How Weather Strip Is Important For The Aluminum Profile Window?

Importance of door and window seal top The doors and windows weather stripping, as the most common and very important part, although it is a very small part but they have a great effect. How much do you know about the importance of weather stripping in doors and windows? 1, Rain and water proof: more […]

How A Door Sealing Brush Can Help on The Furniture

A good furniture must be meticulous in detail, and can be reflected from the small sealing strip. A good sealing strip is practical and does not affect the overall aesthetic feeling of wardrobe. The sealing strip is an important part in the furniture. The high end quality wood furniture will include the wardrobe sealing strip […]

The Advantages of Weather Stripping

The Advantages of Weather Stripping When cold weather is approaching, with fuel costs in limbo it is important to reduce the amount of air infiltration in your home. Weather strip not only helps reduce air infiltration, it also has the added benefit of helping stop dust, dirt ,noise, and insects from entering the home. Consider […]