weather strip for aluminum profile window

How Weather Strip Is Important For The Aluminum Profile Window?

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Importance of door and window seal top

The doors and windows weather stripping, as the most common and very important part, although it is a very small part but they have a great effect. How much do you know about the importance of weather stripping in doors and windows?

1, Rain and water proof: more rain in summer, if the poor sealing of doors and windows, rain will leak through the window seam, the use of doors and windows sealed tops will effectively prevent the infiltration of rain.

2, Dust proof: Many people have this experience, I have closed the doors and windows, but after some days there will be some dust in the room, how did the dust come in? This is because for the aluminum alloy doors and windows or plastic steel doors and windows, in order to maintain the pushing performance of the doors and windows after installation, there will be somehow large or small gaps between there, these dust is through the gap into the room. The fluff of the door and window sealing tops is extremely soft. While improving the sealing performance of the doors and windows, it not only does not affect the sealing performance of the doors and windows, but also plays a good role in buffering the sliding doors and windows, and can greatly improve the sliding life of doors and windows.

3. Energy saving: In summer ,the room temperature is very high, usually with air conditioning and other refrigeration equipment to reduce the room temperature, if with the low quality brush pile seal of doors and windows, air conditioning will leak from a large number of prolonged air conditioning work hours, increase energy consumption.